Norman/Maxwell Family

Jonathan S. Lassiter

Jonathan S. Lassiter
Given names
Jonathan S.
MarriageCaroline FarrarView this family

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Birth of a son
Thomas Chesley Lassiter
November 23, 1835

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Note: SC or GA
Marriage of a childThomas Chesley LassiterCordelia Elizabeth McCorkleView this family
January 12, 1860
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Email from Laura Hughes [], 8 Sep 2004:

========= I currently have 3 children for Thomas C. Lassiter and Cordelia Elizabeth McCorkle. I will fill out another family group submission for them but they are listed in this bible that I have used for information. The bible belonged to Rev. Archibald McCorkle II. Births were recorded in the front. Only 3 children are recorded. My mother-in law remembers Aunt Nola (Enola) from her childhood. Enola lived with Oswold's daughter Cleo later in her life. Cleo is the great-grandmother of my husband. I do have conflicting dates for Enola's birthdate. The bible appears to read 1853 but another source says 1861. The 1861 date is more feasible with the memories of my mother-in law since she was born in 1944.

Regarding Cleo's birthdate and Nellie's I will have to do some searching. These are the dates that I have recorded and I will have to look through my documents to verify.

Hope I could be of some help. Your information was helpful to me.


Laura Hughes

I am of the opinion that Enola's birthdate is in fact 1863 (a '5' can be mistaken for a '6' when written sloppily). Date of 1861 could work, but not if the month is Nov 1861 since sibling Oswald was born Jun 1862).