Deed of Sale, Moses Norman to Uriah Edwards, 46 Acres, Berkley County SC, 24 May 1733

Moses Norman
Uriah Edward [sic: Edwards]
Deed of Sale

South Carolina

To All People to whom these Presents shall come I Moses Norman of Berkley County in the said Province sendeth Greeting.

Know Ye that the said Moses Norman for and in consideration of the Sum of five Shillings [5s] current money well and truly paid by Uriah Edwards of the said County, and Province which He doth hereby acknowledge, Hath given, granted, bargained and sold, aliened, Enfeoff'd and Confirmed, and by these Presents Doth fully, freely, clearly, and absolutely, give, grant, bargain, Sell, alien, Enfeoff and Confirm unto the said Uriah Edwards his Heirs and Assigns two Tracts of Land, One containing Eighteen [18] Acres, being part of a Tract granted by Joseph Blake Esqr. [Esquire] Governor to William Norman Junior, dated the eighth day of September 1697 [08 Sep 1697] and the yearly Rent of One Shilling pr [per] hundred Acres and from him regularly consigned to the said Moses Norman: butting and bounding to the northward on Joseph Boon: Southward on part of the said Land now belonging to Thomas Waring Esqr.: To the Westward on the other Tract of Land containing Twenty eight [28] Acres granted to the said Moses Norman by Robert Johnson Esqr. Governor the twenty fourth Day of May Anno Domini 1733 [24 May 1733]. Pursuant to his Majesty's Instructions at the Rent after the Rate of three Shillings Sterling or four Shillings Proclamation Money for one hundred Acres on every Twenty fifth Day of March reference being had to both the said Grants. Doth more fully appear, butting and bounding to the Westward on part of the said Tract, and now sold to Thomas Waring Esquire, and Northward on Land granted to Benjamin Waring, Southward on the Broad Path, and Westward to the aforesaid Eighteen [18] acres as appears by the Platt [sic] annexed.

[This portion of the text is not genealogically relevant...]

In Witness whereof the said Moses Norman hath hereunto sett [sic] his Hand and Seal this twenty fourth Day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven Hundred and thirty three [24 May 1733] ٪

{signed} Moses Norman (seal}

Signed, Sealed, & Delivered in the presence of
{signed} Thomas Waring
{signed} Stephen Danse [Dance?]
{signed} Barak Norman

That on the 25th day of May 1733 [25 May 1733] the within named Moses Norman took quiet and peaceable possession living[?] and seizen [sic: seizin]

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