Memorial of John Norman, 735 Acres, Colleton County, SC, 06 May 1745

South Carolina.

A memorial exhibited by John Norman, to be registered in the office of his Majesty's Auditor, pursuant to the direction of an act of the General Assembly in that case made and provided: —

Of a tract of land containing Seven hundred and thirty five [735] acres, situate lying and being in the Parish of St. Bartholomew, in Colleton County; which said land was granted unto Moses Norman, late of Colleton County aforesaid, the said John Norman's father, at the yearly rent of four shillings Proc. [Proclamation] money for every hundred acres; and on the 12th day of May 1740 [12 May 1740], the said Moses Norman did convey & [make?] over the said tract of seven hundred and thirty five acres unto James Martin, as appears by a certificate signed by the said James Martin.

In witness whereof the said John Norman hath hereunto set his hand this 6th day of May 1745 [06 May 1745].

{signed} John Norman

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0091. Memorial books (Copy Series). Series S111001, Volume 7, Page 457, Item 2.
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