Memorial of William Norman, 100 Acres, Beech Hill, Colleton Co., SC, 12 Aug 1766

William Norman
100 acres
Qt Rt 1/ pro per 100 acres

[Main text:]
A Memorial exhibited by William Norman to be regd [registered] &c [etc.] of a plantation or tract of Land Containing 100 acres Situate at Beach Hill in Colleton County butting and bounding to the West on Land belonging to William Scott to the East & South on Lands belonging to the Estate of Capt Porter and to the North on Lands now in the possession of Joseph Norman Originally Granted by the Lords Proprietors Deputy to Henry Way at the Qt Rt [Quit Rent] of 1/ pro money per 100 acres and by him and Mehitable his Wife Conveyed to Robert Winn Deceased by deed of Sale bearing date the 14th day of July 1718 [14 Jul 1718] Who by his last Will and testament bequeathed the same to his Son Joseph Winn and the said Joseph Winn by Lease and release bearing date the 13th and 14th days of March 1749 [13 Mar 1749 & 14 Mar 1749] Conveyed the aforesaid 100 acres of Land to Joseph Norman who died Intestate so became vested in William Norman the Memorialist his eldest Son and heir

In Witness Whereof he hath hereunto Set his hand 12th August 1766 [12 Aug 1766]

{signed} William Norman

Certified by Richard Lambton, Dy [Deputy] Auditor

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0092. Memorial books (Copy Series). Series S111001, Volume 9, Page 105, Item 1.
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