Memorial of William Norman, 555 Acres, Beech Hill, Colleton Co., SC, 09 May 1769

William Norman
555 acres
Qt Rt 1/Pro [Quit-Rent 1-shilling Proclamation Money]

[Main text:]
A Memorial exhibited by William Norman to be registd [registered] in the Aud [Auditor's] office SC.

Of a Plantation or Tract of Land Contg [Containing] 555 acres. Situate in Colleton County in St Paul's Parish, Beech Hill bounding to the Nward [Northward] on Land of Saml [Samuel] Hamlin, James Smith, Archer Smith, & Land of Daniel Blake, to the Eward [Eastward] & Sward [Southward] on Land of the Sd [Said] Wm Norman, to the Wward [Westward] on land of Susanah [sic: Susannah] Perry & Sarah Finley, formerly the property of Moses Norman, and afterwards became vested in Captn [Captain] John Norman, and decended [sic] to his Two Sons John & Richard Norman. Who by Lease and release bearing date respectively of 22nd & 23rd days of Septr 1768 [22 Sep 1768 & 23 Sep 1768], Conveyed the above 555 acres of land to the memorialist. Qt Rt 1/Pro. money pr hund. acres. [Quit-Rent 1-shilling Proclamation money per hundred acres.]

In Witness whereof he hath hereunto Set his hand the 9th day of May 1769 [09 May 1769].

{signed} William Norman

Certified by Rd. L. [Richard Lambton]

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0091. Memorial books (Copy Series). Series S111001, Volume 8, Page 436, Item 3.
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