Will of Barak Norman, St. John's Parish, GA, 22 Jan 1765

He died before his father (also named Barak Norman). The elder Barak Norman died five years later in 1770.


In The Name of God, Amen. I Barak Norman of the Parish of St. Johns and Province of Georgia Being Weak of Body, but of Perfect Mind and Memory, Calling to Mind the Mortality of my Body and that it is appointed for all Men once to Die, Do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament (That is to say) first and Principally I Commend my Soul to God that Gave it, and my Body to the dust to be Buried in a Christian Manner at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter Mentioned, and as Touching my Worldly Interest, I Dispose of in Manner and Form Following.

Imprimis, My Will and Desire is that after My Decease the whole of my Estate Real and personal shall by my Executor be sold at Publick [sic] Sale and as Soon as Possible my Lawful Debts be paid out of the moneys [sic] Obtained for the same.

Item, All the Remainder of the Money arising (or belonging to my Estate) from such Sale, my Will is shall be Put out at Interest in Some Safe hand, the Interest of which to be applied by my Executors yearly if Required Towards the Maintenance of my Loving Daughter Elizabeth Norman Schooling or any Needfull [sic] Expence [sic] they shall hereafter see She Requireth and the Priciple said Remainder & whole of my Estate after my debts are paid I Give to my Said Daughter Elizabeth at the Day of Mariage [sic] or at the age of Eighteen Years For her and her Heirs Forever.

Item, If there should appear to be more (Than it may Require for the Expence [sic] of my Daughter) of the Interest of the Money of my Estate my Will is Such Remainder my Executors pay Yearly to my Loving & aged father Barak Norman as Long as he shall Live.

Item, In case it should Happen that my Daughter Die under age and without Lawful Issue then I Give the Remainder of my Estate after all Just Debts are Discharged to be Equally Divided amongst my Father my Brothers Thomas Norman William Norman and my sister Elizabeth Norman for them and their Heirs Forever.

Item, my Will is my Daughter Elizabeth shall Live with & under the care of her Grandmother Prissillah [sic: Priscilla] Girardeau as long as she may Live.

I Constitute and appoint my Trusty Friend John Stewart Junr, my Uncle Richard Spencer and my Loving Brother Thomas Norman Executors of this my Last will and Revoke and Disannul Every Will by me heretofore Made Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my Last Will.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Twenty Second of January 1765 [22 Jan 1765].

{signed} Barak Norman (seal)

Signed Sealed & Acknowledg'd in Presence of
{signed} James Andrew
{signed} Rebekah Girardeau
{signed} Elizabeth Sumner



Before me James Wright Esquire Captain General & Governor in Chief of His Majesty's said Province Chancellor and Ordinary of the same

Personally appeared James Andrew one of the subscribing Witnesses to the Last Will and Testament of Barak Norman late of the Parish of Saint Johns in the Province aforesaid Carpenter deceased, and being duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelists made Oath that He was present and did see the Testator sign, Seal, Publish, pronounce and Declare the same to be and contain his Last Will and Testament, and that he was of sound and Disposing mind and memory to the best of his Knowledge and Belief, and that he with Rebekah Girardeau and Elizabeth Sumner Subscribed his name as Witness to the said Will at the request and in the Presence of the Testator and in each others Presence

At the same time John Stewart Junior and Richard Spencer Named Executors Qualified as such before me

Given under my hand the 20th February 1765 [20 Feb 1765]

{signed} Jas. Wright

Secretarys Office
Recorded in Book A folio 127@129
& Exd [Examined] 5 March 1765 [05 Mar 1765]

7 sheets 3 . . 1/9 4 . . 1/4

- - - -

Barak Norman
Recorded A fol 127@129
5 March 1765 [05 Mar 1765]

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