Petition from the Inhabitants of St. Stephens Parish, ca. 1783

A request that all proceedings involving the confiscation of Philip Porchers estate be halted pending a new hearing.

To His Excellency John Matthews Esquire, Governor & Commander in chief of the State of South Carolina.

The humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the parish of St Stephen in the said State herewith,

That your Petitioners, well acquainted from their local Circumstances with the Life and Disposition of Mr. Philip Porcher, whose Estate is confiscated by a late Act of the general Assembly, Prompted by the Love of Justice, & by a Sense of Duty as in some Degree officially incumbent on them, beg Leave to State such Matters to your Excellency concerning the said Mr. Porcher as they conceive, must have Weight to save him from the indiscriminate Ruin, in which he will be otherwise involved equally with the ignominious & most culpable.

That his general Character is that of a Man attentive to the Duties of his Station, beloved and respected, that until the Capitulation of Charlestown & the consequent Reduction of the interior Parts, his Conduct always appeared to be that of a firm consciencious [sic] Friend to his Country, that your Petitioners have Reason to think his Acceptance of a British Commission was owing to the Artifices of designing Men, who practiced on his easy Nature, and that they also believe he resigned that Commission as soon as he judged he could do it with Safety.

That Mr. Porcher is now come out of Town & has thrown himself on the Mercy of his Country.

Your Petitioners influenced by the Circumstances as well as by his advanced Stage of Life & his numerous Family, humbly hope that it may not be imputed to him as a Crime what was chiefly his Misfortune, but that your Excellency will permit him and his family to return to his Home, and will also give Directions according to the Power vested in you, to stop all further Proceedings against his Estate until a Rehearing at the next Meeting of the general Assembly.

And your petitioners in duty bound will ever pray.

John Palmer Junr
Thos [Thomas] Giles
James Theus
Isaac Dubose
Keatg [Keating] Simons
W. Mahan
Hopson Pinckney
[no first name] McCordle
Isaac Couturier
Robt [Robert] McKelvey
John Couturier
Richd [Richard] Norman
Anthony Murrell
Benjn [Benjamin] Walker
Js [James] Sinkler
Job Tourney[?]
Peter Palmer
Thos [Thomas] Greenland
Jas [James] Guerry
Theod. [Theodore] Guerry
Hen; [Henry] Varnor
Thomas Cooper
Peter Sinkler
Francis Villepontoux
Joseph Palmer
Thomas Palmer
Isaac Watson
William Airs
John Williams
John Pamor
Alexr [Alexander] Findlay
Stephen Boisseau
Francis Samuelsen
Samuel Dubose
Alexr [Alexander] Howard
Alexr [Alexander] Broughton
Stephen Mazyck
Rene Ravenel
Danl [Daniel] Ravenel

= found on the 1790 US Census in Charleston SC

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