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 ====== Welcome to the NormanRoots Wiki ====== ====== Welcome to the NormanRoots Wiki ======
-For starters, I'll use this wiki for publishing [[transcriptions:transcriptions|transcriptions]] of various historical documents+Thank you for visiting. I hope you find the information here useful to your research
 +===== Copyright =====
 +I've spent countless hours transcribing the documents contained on this site, and my work is covered by U.S. Copyright Law. Please feel free to apply what is offered here to your own research. However, if you use any of the content on this site for any purpose, you must properly identify it as my work and include a link to this site. 
 +Citations should be of this form:
 +  * Ken Norman, "''[Article or Page Title]''," //%%NormanRoots%% Wiki// (%%http://wiki.normanroots.com/%%''[path]'' : ''["Last modified" date (bottom of page)]''), accessed ''[access date]''.
 +An example citation would be:
 +  * Ken Norman, "Will of John Norman, Colleton County SC, 08 Jun 1756." //%%NormanRoots%% Wiki// (%%http://wiki.normanroots.com/doku.php?id=transcriptions:wills:will_john_norman_1756-06-08%% : 9 December 2019), accessed 16 December 2019.
 +Publishing and Commercial use is prohibited! This includes---but is not limited to---sites such as Ancestry, %%MyHeritage%%, %%FamilySearch%%, Geni, %%FindMyPast%%, etc. Thank you.
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