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Welcome to the NormanRoots Wiki

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find the information here useful to your research.

The NormanRoots Wiki is largely centered around publishing my transcriptions of historical, genealogically-significant documents. Virtually all documents bear directly upon individuals in my family tree.

Please view the rules I use when I'm transcribing. These codify the basis of my approach to transcribing, as well as the purpose and meaning of my annotations.

This wiki is an ongoing effort, and information is being added regularly. Subscribe to my RSS feed to get notifications of changes or new additions.


I've developed a technique for compiling my census transcriptions onto one page for an entire family group (i.e., parents and their children). I use a table to record the name and age of each family member for every census in which they appear. Each table includes all censuses recorded during the range of dates that begins with the date the parents were married, and ends with the death date of the last parent to die. I also provide a citation to the particular census entry from which each data element (name and age) came.

I've started with the earliest known ancestor for each of the four surnames represented by my wife's and my parents. From there, I have created—or soon will create—Family Group pages for each child, grandchild, etc. to the extent census data is available. To view, click on one of the surnames under Families in the sidebar at left.

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