Barak Norman, Land Grant for 150 Acres in St. Andrew's Parish, GA, 01 Jul 1760

Baruch [sic: Barak] Norman
150 acres of Land in St. Andws. [Andrew's] Parish
Regd. 22nd Febry 1762 [22 Feb 1762]

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George the Second by the grace of God of great Britain France Ireland King Defender of the faith & so forth

To all to whom these Presents shall come Greeting Know ye that we of our Special grace certain knowledge & meer [sic: mere] Motion have given & Granted & by these Present for us our heirs & Successors Do Give & Grant unto Baruch Norman his Heirs & Assigns All that tract of Land Contg. [Containing] one hundred & fifty [150] acres situate & being in the Parish of St. Andrew in our Province of Georgia bounded on the West by land of Strong Ashmore & on Every other side by land Vacant Having such shape form marks & bounds as appears by a Plat thereof hereunto annexed together with all Woods underwoods Timber & timber trees Lakes ponds fishings water water courses Profits Commodities Heredts. [Hereditaments] & appurtenances Whatsoever thereunto belonging or in any wise appertg. [appertaining] together also wth. [with] Privilege of Hunting hawking & fowling in & upon the same & all Mines & Minerals Whatsoever Saving and Preserving Nevertheless To us our heirs & Successors All White pine trees if any should be found Growing thereon & also saving and Rescuing To us our heirs & successors One tenth part of Mines of Silver & Gold only

[This portion of the text is not genealogically relevant...]

Given under the great seal of our Province of Georgia Witness our Trusty & Well beloved Henry Ellis Esqr. [Esquire] our Capt. [Captain] General & Govr. [Governor] in Chief of our said Province the first day of July in the year of our Lord 1760 [01 Jul 1760] and in the thirty fourth year of our Reign.

Signed by his Excellency the Governor in Council

Chas. [Charles] Watson D.C.C.

  • Georgia Department of Archives and History. Microfilm reel 2-2275. Colonial Georgia Grant Book, Volume D (1759 - 1764), Page FIXME.
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