Isaac Dubose, Memorial For 500 Acres, Craven County, SC, 22 May 1733

Dubose Isaac
500 acs [acres]
Entd [Entered] 22nd of May 1733 [22 May 1733]

Exd [Examined]

[Main Text:]
A memorial exhibited by Isaac Dubose of Craven County in the province of So Carolina Planter pursuant to an act of assembly in that case made and provided.

Isaac Dubose did by his last will and testament give to me the said Isaac Dubose his son and to my heirs and assigns for ever on plantation or tract of land Contg [Containing] Five hundred [500] acres situate lying & being in Craven County about one mile and a half of Wabakan creek on Santee river buttg [butting] and boundg [bounding] on all sides on lands not then laid out the Said land was granted by the Lords proprs [proprietors] at the Quit rent of one shilling Current money of this province pr [per] hundred acres pr annum

Witness my hand the 22nd day of May Ann Dom [Anno Domini] 1733 [22 May 1733]

{signed} Isaac Dubose

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0089. Memorial books (Copy Series). Series S111001, Volume 3, Page 264, Item 1.
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