Memorial of James Smith, 218.5 Acres, Colleton County, 09 Mar 1764

South Carolina
James Smith
St. George's
218 1/2 acres

Qt Rt 1/ Pro: pr hundd [Quit-Rent 1-shilling Proclamation money per hundred]

Certified by R. [Richard] Lambton Dy. Aud. [Deputy Auditor]

[Main text:]
A memorial Exhibited by James Smith of St Georges Parish in Berkly County to be registered in the office of his Majesty's Aud [Auditor] General pursuant to the act of Assembly in that case made & Provided.

Of a Plantation or Tract of Land contg [containing] 218 acres and half and acre [218.5 acres] Situate in St Pauls Parish Colleton County, Butting and Bounding Westerly on William Godfreys Land, Northerly on Lands of the Estate of Thos. [Thomas] Diston, Easterly on Lands of the Estate of Archer Smith, & Sdly [Southwardly] on Lands of the Estate of John Norman; (being part of a Tract of Land containing 656 acres) lately the property of Doctr [Doctor] Samuel Stevens, who by his Last Will and Testament bearing date the 24th July 1759 appointing his Executors Samuel Stevens and Josiah Smith, to sell and dispose of the same, who in pursuance of the said Will, Sold the same at Public Vendue to William Godfrey the highest Bidder, as by Lease & Release bearing date the 1st & 2nd days of April 1763 [01 Apr 1763 & 02 Apr 1763]. Will more full appear. And the said William Godfrey by deed of Sale or Release bearing date the 10th day of January 1764 [10 Jan 1764] to the memorialist. Quit Rent 1 shilling Pro. [Proclamation] money per hundred acres.

In Witness whereof he hath hereunto set his hand the 9th day of March 1764 [09 Mar 1764].

{signed} J. Smith

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