Plat Representing Fair Spring Plantation, Charleston District, Saint George Parish, SC, 617.5 Acres, ca. 1791

A plan of Fair Spring Plantation situated on the South [incorrect: actually North] Side of Ashley River in the Parish of St George Charleston District & containing in the whole abt 479 1/2 acres compiled from old plats and a survey taken in May 1794

A. 126 acres part of a tract originally granted to William Norman for 320 acre plat certd [certified] 22 Sept: 1684 [22 Sep 1684] grant dated 23 Feby 1697 [23 Feb 1697]

B. 115 acres originally granted to Mr. Moses Norman plat certd [certified] 23 November 1732 [23 Nov 1732] grant dated 4 May 1733 [04 May 1733]

C. 197 acres part of a tract originally granted to Benjamin Waring Jr conveyed by Andrew Slann to Ralph Izard Aug 9th 1748 [09 Aug 1748]

D. A tract in two parcels one of 26 & the other of 15 1/2 acres part of 200 acres given by John Stevens Senr [Senior] to Joseph Stevens being part and taken off Sept 3d 1742 [03 Sep 1742] a tract of 1000 acres

The whole of these tracts now belonging to Ralph Izard Junr. Eq [Esquire]

E. A tract of 56 acres claimed by Mr James Coburn agreeable to a survey taken for Mr. Thomas Grimball in June 30th 1774 [30 Jun 1774] by N. [Nathaniel] Bradwell

F. A tract of 82 acres claimed by Ditto - part of the said 320 acre tract

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm C3188. Plat Collection of John McCrady. Series L10005, Reel 9, Plat 4886.
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