South Carolina

Pursuant to a Precept from John Bremar Esqr Depy Survr General [Deputy Surveyor General] dated the fifth day of May 1772 [05 May 1772] I have admeasured and laid out unto Richard Norman a tract of four hundred & fifty [450] acres of Land on four hold Swamp in St. Matthews Parish bounding Northeast on Michael Posser's Land Northwest on Land Surveyed for Paul Townshend and on the other sides on vacant Land and hath such form and marks as the above plat represents

Surveyed 7th Sepr. 1772 [07 Sep 1772]

{signed} Mr. Mordecai McFarlan D.S. [Deputy Surveyor]

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0049. Colonial Plat Books (Copy Series). Series S213184, Volume 16, Page 520.
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