South Carolina

Pursuant to a Precept from John Bremar Esqr D S Genl [Deputy Surveyor General] Dated 4th May 1773 [04 May 1773] I have admeasured and laid out unto Richard Norman a tract of Land in Berkley County Containing four hundred [400] Acres bounding NW on Benjamin Marion & William Greenland NE on Thomas Studifont SE on Rene Peyre & John Oliver & SW on Gabriel Marion & John Hay [sic: Hous] having Such form & Marks as the above platt [sic] Represents

Surveyed this 11th May 1773 [11 May 1773]

{signed} Joseph Palmer Depy [Deputy] Surveyor

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0049. Colonial Plat Books (Copy Series). Series S213184, Volume 16, Page 521.
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