The above Plat represents the form & shape of three hundred thirty one acres & half [331.5] of Land situated in Colleton & St. Paul's parish, Beech Hill, Bounding westwardly on Land formerly belonging to Paul Jenneys [sic: Jenys], to the Northward on Land of Daniel Blake Esq. [Esquire], to the Southward of John Norman to the eastward on Land of James Smith, being part of a larger Tract of Land formerly belonging to Job Chamberlaine [sic: Chamberline], & hath such marks &c. [etc.]. Plat made for Samuel Hamlin Nov 18th 1763 [18 Nov 1763].

By Nathl. [Nathaniel] Bradwell ED. J.

N. B. This is a true Copy of a Plat brought to me by the Reverend Mr. Gates Nov 27th 1817 [27 Nov 1817] & this Copy is made the Same Day.

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm C3191. Plat Collection of John McCrady. Series L10005, Reel 12, Plat 6433.
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