Jephthah Dubose, Memorial for 155 Acres in Craven County, SC, 28 Mar 1759

Jephthah Dubose
155 acres.
3/ Ster. or 4/ proc. p 100 acres

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South Carolina. A Memorial exhibited by Jephthah Dubose, to be registered in the office of his Majesty's Auditor General, pursuant to the acts of Assembly in that case made and provided:

Of a plantation or tract of land containing 155 acres, situate lying and being in Craven County; Granted by his Majesty King George the Second on the 11th day of May 1739 [11 May 1739], unto Isaac Dubose, at the quit rent of 3/ [3s] Sterling or 4/ [4s] Proclamation money, p [per] 100 acres; who, in and by his last will and testament, bearing date the 12th day of June 1742 [12 Jun 1742], gave and devised the same to his son Jephthah this Memorialist.

In witness whereof he hath hereunto set his hand this 28th day of March 1759 [28 Mar 1759].

Jephthah Dubose

Certified P.

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0091. Memorial books (Copy Series). Series S111001, Volume 7, Page 224, Item 2.
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