Memorial of John Norman, 468.5 Acres, Beech Hill, Colleton County, SC, 04 May 1745

South Carolina.

A memorial exhibited by John Norman, to be registered in the office of his Majesty's Auditor, pursuant to the direction of an act of the Genl [General] Assembly in that case made and provided: —

Of two hundred and sixty eight acres and a half [268.5], being part of a tract of land containing five hundred and thirty seven [537] acres, on Beech Hill in Colleton County; which said tract of five hundred and thirty seven [537] acres was, by the last will and testament of the late Moses Norman, left to his two sons Joseph and the above named John Norman: Quit rents reserved on the said land are at one shilling Proc. [Proclamation] money for every hundred acres: and the said two hundred and sixty eight acres and half [268.5], together with two hundred [200] acres, bought by the said Jno [John] Norman of William Chamberlain [sic: Chamberline], being at the same quit rent as the other, one butting and bounding Eastwd [Eastward] on lands of Joseph Norman, Srdly [Southwardly] on lands of Robert Winn, Wrdly [Westwardly] on land of Thos [Thomas] Burke, and Nrdly [Northwardly] on land of William Chamberlain; so that the whole makes up a tract of four hundred and sixty eight acres and a half [468.5]. In witness whereof the said John Norman hath hereunto set his hand this 4 day of May 1745 [04 May 1745].

{signed} John Norman

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0091. Memorial books (Copy Series). Series S111001, Volume 7, Page 457, Item 1.
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