Memorial of William Godfrey, 656 Acres, Berkly County, SC, 17 Nov 1763

South Carolina
William Godfrey
656 acres
Qt Rt 1/ Pro [Quit-Rent 1-shilling Proclamation Money]
Certified by R. [Richard] Lambton Dy. Aud. [Deputy Auditor]

[Main text:]
A memorial Exhibited by William Godfrey to be registered in the Office of his Majestys Aud. [Auditor] General, Pursuant to the acts of assembly in that case made & provided

Of a Plantation or Tract of Land, Contg [containing] 656 acres Situate in Berkly County on a place called Beech hill, bounding Eastwardly & Southwardly on Lands belonging to the Estate of John Norman Deced [Deceased], Westwardly on Land belonging to the Estate of Thomas & Paul Jennings decd [deceased] & on land belonging to the Estate Dixton Dixton [sic: repeated; also probably mispelled “Diston”] decd lately the property of Doctr [Doctor] Samuel Stevens by virtue of a deed of sale from Rolins Lowndes dated the 5th day of September 1750 [05 Sep 1750]. Who by his Last Will and Testament bearing date the 24th day of July 1759 [24 Jul 1759] appointed his Exors [Executors], Samuel Stevens & Josiah Smith, to sell and dispose of the Same, who in pursuance of the Said Will did after giving due & Legal notice Sell the aforesaid Tract of 656 Acres of Land at Public Sale to William Godfrey the memorialist and highest bidder as by Indenture of Lease & Release bearing date the 1st & 2nd day of April 1763, will more fully and at large appear. Qt Rent 1/ Pro [Quit-Rent 1-shilling Proclamation] money pr [per] hundred acres.

In Witness whereof he hat hereunto set his hand the 17th day of November 1763 [17 Nov 1763].

{signed} W Godfrey

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0090. Memorial books (Copy Series). Series S111001, Volume 6, Pages 196-197, Item 2.
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