South Carolina state plat, John VanderHorst and Ephraim Mitchell, 500 acres, St. Johns Parish SC, 13 Nov 1785

[Includes names of owners of bounding plats:]
[north] Granted to Richard Norman
[north] Henry Wininghams [sic: Winninghams] Land
[west & south] Lands Granted to the Honourable Rutledge Esqr.
[southeast] Rena Ravenells Land
[east] Granted to Isaac Couturier

South Carolina

I do hereby Certify the above Plat of five hundred [500] acres of Land for John VanderHorst Esqr. [Esquire] and for one Ephraim Mitchell as Tenants in Common, Surveyed the Twenty third day of November 1736 [23 Nov 1736] for Peter Oliver Situate in St. Johns Parish. and hath such form and marks Buttings and Boundings as the above Plat represents.

Given under my hand this 13th Novr. 1785 [13 Nov 1785].

{signed} V. [Victor] Farguson [sic: Ferguson] D.S. [Deputy Surveyor]
{signed} Ephraim Mitchell Surr Genl [Surveyor General]

  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Microfilm ST0569. South Carolina state plats: Charleston series, 1784-1860. Series S213190, Reel 2, Volume 4, Page 415.
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